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i’ve always wanted someone to take to the city at night like this

Noma Han by Frankie Pike


sullen x sen x nobukiyo


Urban Research DOORS 14-15 A/W


Ben Waters at Yohji Yamamoto S/S 2013.



this is one of the three pictures of my friend stephanie i have saved 

josh why

tagged by empiregrotesk

Rule one - always post the rules
Rule two - answer the eleven questions the person tagged you asked and write eleven new ones
Rule three - tag eleven people
Rule four - tell them you tagged them

as always, i don’t really feel like following the rules but i’ll answer the q’s cause they’re pretty great

My Questions

I tag the following (disclaimer: feel free to ignore this if you don’t feel like doing it):

1.You actually have something resembling musical ability now. And you want to form a band/make music. What genre would you play?
dang this is really difficult uMM wow nothing really comes to mind h aahaa….

2. You have to have a certain meal at least one a week for the rest of your life. What is it?
tbh if you made me eat boiled eggs every day i wouldn’t really mind that much bc i basically already to that lmao

3. Who do you want directing a film of your life?
either michael bay or tarantino. i really need more bloodshowers and explosions in my life tbh.

4. And who is doing the soundtrack?
i really like listening to tablo right now. he’s great. 

5. You have to swap lives with someone right now. Who would you pick?
goddamn idk but i hope they have tons of money and free time that would be nice

6. What are your three favourite songs of all time?
OHNO…. i can’t do favourites of anything and all time omg… uM three off the top of my head that i like alot: float on by modest mouse, what you know by two door cinema club and mr. brightside by the killers

7. Who have been your main idols throughout your life so far?
uM i wouldn’t really call anyone my idols persay but tbh i’ve been really inspired by certain kpop idols and how hard they work wow that’s rly embarrassing but it’s ok bc they’re literally called idols right

8. What album/film/artwork/book do you wish you had created?
i wish i made tomie tbh tomie is my fav

9. I get to take a part of your body. Right now. What are you going to donate? Give generously. I got monster babies to feed.
tbh i’d be totally ok with not having my internal lady bits having them kinda sucks.

10. In your life, are you connected with yourself? When you die will you be connected to yourself? [filler question because I’m losing the will]
lmao idk man i hope not myself sucks

11. You’ve leveled up, bitch-features. What’s your FINAL FORM?
i’d def have to be like 500% hotter. but with a jaw that opens 180 degrees and two or three rows of sharp teeth. and lazer eyes. i’ve always wanted lazer eyes.


The sun and the moon in the same time on the sky.


Love on the Left Eye by Nobuyoshi Araki


As Old Lyric first curating project, 「The Garden of Early Romance」presents over one hundred pieces of our Dries Van Noten archive collection.


"A mountain keeps an echo deep inside. That’s how I hold your voice."



i2014AW rose&ikumi